Holiday Ideas – What to do in Indianapolis?

Indianapolis is the largest city in Indiana. There are many intensive attractions, such as parks and other cultural heritage sites. Indianapolis City keeps increasing its wonderful attraction among tourists. For travelers, an alternative and unique holiday experience for all ages. Here are some of the places you would like to see on a weekend or a one-month vacation.

The Children's Museum
The Children's Museum is the largest children's museum in Indianapolis. Founded in 1925, it offers miniature exhibitions and a resource center.

The Children's Museum contains a glass statue called a glass fireworks by Dale Chihuly. On the first floor are the fish tanks, the dinosaur exploration area and the Egyptian pyramid, which is the mummy replica. On the lower level there is a theater, a planetarium and an antique train engine, while the second level offers a two-level exhibition called the Passport to the world. This area presents different traditions and cultures all over the world.

Visitors can also access the African community "Avenue". There are some life-size mannequins that have verbal tradition of storytelling. Kids will love the Carousel Wishes and Dreams Gallery. The real-sized indoor carousel is the biggest object of the museum. Finally, the dinosaur is a site of a dinosaur art gallery that contains real objects and stones from the Cretan era.

Fort Harrison State Park
Fort Harrison State Park is a good place for a family picnic. It is also a perfect place for jogging, fishing and walking. The place is also known as Fort Ben and is located in the northeast Indianapolis. The park preserves the Civilian Military Training Camp and the II. World War Camps.

Fort Harrison is a sunny park with an 18-hole golf course, hiking trails and VIP accommodations. Visitors can also go horseback riding, hiking and ice fishing.

Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens
The Indianapolis Zoo is in the White River State Park accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). This is the home of African elephants, zebras, rhinos, dolphins, giraffes and blue Grand Cayman iguanas. The zoo plays an important role in preserving and researching the world.

White River Gardens is a 3.3 hectare landmark linking plants, animals and people. This botanical attraction offers garden ideas and plant information. The exhibition will show thousands of plant species with a special exhibition of information.

Benjamin Harrison President's House
President Benjamin Homes is a well-preserved museum that presents thousands of books, works of art, and special dedication to President 23. The House intends to increase public understanding and appreciation of the American system through its presidential lives.

Gaia Wines Contemporary Winery
Gaia Wines Winery is the 19th Winery on Massachusetts Avenue. Winery provides educational experience in wine making. More than 150 wine and grape-related accessories, gifts and food. There are also three tasting halls for private individuals. This winery is provided for adults.

Track Attack Racing School
The Track Attack Contest School offers a motorized sports court for those looking to run a real race. The school is marketed in a small, regular and super-sized group package with a value of 5-200 people. Provides food, catering and event venues. The go-kart track has been designed with seven turns, along two straight lines of 20,000 square meters.

There are special trainers who can customize the driving experience. The school also offers a team building program and merchant incentive programs.

Further resorts are the Morris-Butler House, the Clowes Memorial Hall, the Indiana / World Skating Academy and the Scottish Rite Cathedral. People can experience life from the past to the present where these Indianapolis vacations are.

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