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I've always wanted to go to Baguio since school, but my mother does not allow a historic earthquake to happen when I was in my mother's womb. The earthquake occurred when my mother traveled from Baguio to Manila. And now I'm still 26, I still have not been there.

Craving for a cold place at the top of a mountain, a friend of mine invited me to an adventure. Not Baguio, but Sagada. One of the coldest places in the country. Peace and rest. It's like an escape from town and reality. And from the famous movie "The thing that's called Tadhana," this is a place where broken hearts are going.

Sagada travels for a good family, friends, couples or even soloists. Though only certain places are recommended for the elderly and the kiddies, and of course, make sure you have a comfortable ride back and forth as it will be long. So, to all those who challenge you, here are my experiences in the places where we lived and the foods we eat. My friends and I the Coda Bus line in Cubao to the P700 for one way – route from Cubao to Sagada Town Proper. Make sure you buy tickets pre-purchased as the bus is always full. Coda Bus Line is located at HM Transport Terminal, Maryland corner EDSA. The journey time is 10 to 12 o'clock, so I highly recommend this bus with resting places and good music and movies. Thank you, after you've experienced it. The bus left at Cubao at 21:00 on Friday, February 10, 2017. After 5 o'clock, we arrived at Baguio City at 2 o'clock. There have been two stops since then, until we arrived at Sagada Town Proper at 7am in the morning.

On our way home, the Coda Bus Line was also introduced to the P700. First I buy a bicycle ticket. From Sagada Town Proper, look for the Bontoc Championship provided by the Coda bus line, as the Manila bus station is located in Bontoc. There is no need for additional pay in jeepney, as this is included in the bus payout. Riding Jeepneys is a fun part of Sagada. If you are one of the adventurous people, try yourself to sit on top. Yes, you read this very well. Sit outside the bags of passengers on the jeepney top. The majority of people were men, but some of them are brave enough to try. I always thought it was a terrible thing, seeing the rock seen from above. But if you focus on the landscape, you thank God for the wonderful view. It's like a postcard was born. Another good thing about this bus is to have a break anywhere from zero visibility to buy vegetables and other delicacies, and another stop on the Banawe Rice terraces of imaging.


We stayed at Misty Lodge Hotel and Café – 2km from the city. It may seem very far, but we do not regret staying there. The hotel is very cozy and serves the best food in town. When entering the house there is a beautiful decorated café with a chimney on its side. On the ground floor there is a room, on the second floor there are 4 rooms and the attic has 5 rooms. The rooms are good for a soloist with one room for four people. As we are from eight groups of four boys and four girls, we asked for two rooms next to each other. Fortunately, the rooms available are in the attic, opposite each other. The four persons must have double beds and a table and closet. On the second floor there is a living room covered book that you can spend in your spare time, while the attic is located in the middle of the cozy rooms that play players who want to play social games. The house is full of books and games that guests can use for fun. The hotel is highly recommended, though it has only a shared bathroom. The entire house has only two large bathrooms, so it is expected to get up early to avoid the lines. Another good thing about this hotel is that they do not turn off the lights at night. You must also note that all lights have been switched off, even street lights, until 22:00.

I know some more people who stayed at the Rock Inn Hotel. It is also a nice hotel, but far from the city as in the Misty Lodge. And one more in the Residential Lodge. The dwelling is already in the city so you do not have to worry about having to go a long way after a very cold street after the activity or after eating. But since it is in the city, it follows the light source, so at 22:00 it turns off the lights, including the room lights. So we can not do anything 10 minutes beyond sleep.


There are many activities in Sagada, though most of them require hiking. So, when traveling with old people or children, select those who are safe and make sure you hire a tour guide. Here are some of the activities my friends and I went to.

Mt. Kiltepan

We arrived at 7:00 am in Sagada City and had breakfast at Misty Lodge Café because we need to sign up. Unfortunately we did not have an early check-in so we decided to leave our bags at the front desk and go to Mt. Kiltepan. A 2km walk from Misty Lodge is Mt. Kiltepan and 20-30 minutes walk to the top and you can go there without driving. It's a safe place; be careful when you are on the cliff. You can take your car or rent a jeepney to move on. This mountain was featured in the movie, "That Thing Called Tadhana," where the leading actress shouted at her feelings. Although they went to the sunrise during the movie while we were at 10 o'clock, and the sight is still wonderful! It has a clear view of the proud Filipino, Rice terraces. I think other groups did not think that they would go there unless it was sunbathing, and we all have ourselves. We had a lot of great pictures without rushing. But if you want to see the seas of the clouds, you have to go out at 4:30 and wait for the sunrise. I'll tell you it's worth it.

Echo Valley Tour -> Hanging Coffins -> Underground River -> Bokong Falls

On our second day we decided on a P500 tour for a group of 10 people. This tour contains a number of routes, depending on the last destination and here we are. We first went to the church and the cemetery where we heard the history of places and traditions. Then we went to the Echo Valley, where if you yell, you will hear the echo. That's amazing! Then we went down to the hanging coffins. It's not a scary, somewhat mysterious, especially in the middle of rocky mountains. How did you manage to pick up everything and bring it to the mini caves? Still confused, we went until it reached the underground river where the torch should be illuminated to see where we are going. You have to take care of it because the stones are so low that they may be on your head. When you reach the end of the river, it means you reach the Bokong Falls. It's just a little failure, but it's very nice. There we enjoyed lunch and swimming. Then we took another route back to the city. It took almost 4 hours on this tour, but we enjoyed it.

Sunset at Lake Danum

Pump feeling after Echo Valley tour has a little grilling and hot dog, to drive us to the P600 to Danum Lake. A lot of tourists came to leave the sunset. Unfortunately, the day was covered with clouds so we did not see it clearly. But still, this is a nice place to picnic. I also suggest that you buy their instant coffee (Organo Gold coffee) or yogurt waiting for sunset. Delicious!

Marlboro Hills

Since we went to Mt. Kiltepan, we decided to get up in Marlboro Hills to look at the seas of the clouds. We started hiking on Sunday at 4 pm while the sky was running out. We climbed for 1 hour and 30 minutes, getting colder and colder. It is higher than Mt. Kiltepan and it is not advisable if the rain falls due to the ground. Slow visibility is there and make sure there is a wool coat.

It's all about Sagada's stay. We have another trip to the Bomod-OK Falls, but they were canceled because of their ongoing ritual. You can also try the Sumaguing Cave, Blue Soil, Lumiang Cave, Ganduyan Museum, Pongas Falls and the famous Sagada Rice terraces.


to take something to replace burned calories after activities, Sagada's many restaurants that you will not forget. The Sagada is all the places where all the foods they serve are vegetables. You do not have to ask, give it. Not only are their vegetables fresh and delicious. Their food is tasteful and cheesy pizzas and village hamburgers are the ones that should not be let go. Of course, do not forget to try the famous creamy yogurt. This is the kind of specialty because it delivers flavored fruitiness and freshness. I suggest you try Misty Lodge Café, Sagada Brew, Salt & Pepper and Gaia Café. These are the ones we are in and need. Especially Gaia Café, this place overlooks the Banawe Rice terraces and is the best for your coffee and muffin. Additionally, you might want to try the local food you bought on the street, such as wheat chowder / cheese, dirty ice cream, Hershey syrup and yogurt. [19645002] PASALUBONG (SOUVENIRS)

Where can you buy gifts for your loved ones? Well, you do not have to go far because the city is a small place and there are many gift shops. I suggest you raise the red wine. Haha I was just kidding! They sell one of the best wines and my favorite is the red wine of Charlina Bugnay, which I received on a single bottle for the P150-P160, depending on which shop you bought it. Apart from this, I bought a pack of mountain leaves for the P10 and turmeric tea for the P150, which is very good for body cleansing. [4] We've been enjoying the run for 4 days and I'm sure I'll be there. If you are looking for a place to escape or have some rest in a solo, this is a great place for you. Or maybe a couple or a friend or family member who is making an adventure, do not forget to be an A-game! Do not forget to bring moisturizing and sunblocks. Despite being cold, the heat of the sun is strong enough to burn the skin. Indeed, Sagada is a kind! So if you're there, break the moment.

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