Group travel – how to organize it

This article helps you organize successful group trips; whether you are new or grouped by traveling or just trying to improve your experience. The goal is to keep many people in mind. He may be a member of a travel committee, social secretary, club president; or it may be that a manager has asked for a corporate trip to be organized. You may be the best person who is doing a season or simply organizing a vacation for a great friendly company.

Where to Start

If you did not organize a group trip before you could probably start thinking about it? If you have organized a group trip so far and did not go so smoothly, you should ask – where would I start last time?

The first thing you need to decide is who will be responsible for ensuring that these roles are clearly defined and that individuals understand their responsibilities. The number of participants in group travel varies depending on the group and the destination. It may be for smaller and informal groups to take responsibility for all tasks. For larger and more formal groups, tasks often have to be assigned by more people.


  • Who will be responsible for collecting money?
  • For sports or performing arts groups – organizes clothes and clothes
  • Who will sell the tour to the group and persuade them to go.
  • Who is organizing the group – make sure everyone has up-to-date passports, sort the room listings, and perform any other administration that needs to be done.
  • Fundraising – If Needed

Ideal Idea Collection

If you have decided these responsibilities, you need to find some general ideas about where your group should go and what to do. In some cases it will be easy because other factors have already determined this. If you are organizing a sports team or a sports event, your destination and your main activity has already taken place. In this situation, you should consider what other activities you can do to make it the most unhelpful of your journey.

In many cases, idea-gathering will be a much-affected process. If a music group wants to participate in a tour, the options are almost endless with regard to destinations, concerts, and routes.

You probably need to do some research for your group and brainstorming can take several weeks. Why do not you get ideas from experts? There are a number of professional group tourists who are full of ideas and probably did something similar. Getting in touch with a professional group organizer will not go away and allow you to choose their brains. Many group tourists also offer a large amount of pre-made routes on their website. You may either get one directly or adapt to your needs. Web sites, such as "Travel Advisor" or "Europe", can search online destinations to get ideas. If you are traveling to Britain, use the British visit. This is a great site with lots of useful information. In addition to destinations and routes, you should consider the approximate time of travel, the expected numbers, the type of accommodation, and the extra excursion you may want to take.


Group budget is very important. If you create an excessive price for a trip or a vacation, then no one will be able to get your group. Likewise, if you set a low budget, you will be making a stay that no one wants to keep, which will repeat them again.

You have to match a price category that you think will create your way on that basis. If you want to go for a one-week European tour, but realize that your group can only pay 100 pounds realistically, you should consider fundraising or change the tour for the duration, destination, or route.

Keep in mind that any group can afford a tour of just having enough planning, creativity and preparation. Some members may have a particularly difficult economic background. It is worth considering to support these members of the clubs' money and fundraising. Some people may also be prepared to pay more to lower the cost of others. Consider the free spaces as well. For most group bookings, you should be able to get a free bed for every 25 members in the group, although coach prices are generally not affected.


The first step is to persuade people to go on a group trip. There are three main factors. The journey is appealing to them, is there any price they can afford and how charismatic they are when selling them? If you can get these three things, you have no problem with most groups to catch the road.

Managing group trips is time consuming and challenging. You can find yourself to ring people multiple times because they are not in it. They are persecuting people who did not do something they asked them to deal with people who have resigned or joined new members who want to come. You have to be prepared for a complex and time consuming operation if you want to do everything. It can significantly ease the burden with a professional group organizer. They can help address these issues on your behalf. Depending on which company you are with and what you have received. If you want to do everything you can expect a little extra payout. But this would save you from carrying out other tasks that could make more wisdom costly if you ignored them.

Finance and Fundraising

Okay, if your group is on a horn man, then no one will give you kindly auxiliary drunkenness! If you are a group travel company, then the only way to pay someone else's money is to offer them commercial benefits.

Most groups can finance group travel in a variety of ways. You can organize general events, fun days, or organize something your group does. General events and entertainment days can be: – sponsored marathon / competition, car wash at a local supermarket or school, coffee in the morning for a local retired home, a disco, a night show or an Easter egg hunting. In fact, the list is limited by your imagination. You should also try to organize something that is related to what your group does. If you are a band, you can organize concerts with the local community. Quickly increase the money you need to travel; just a little enthusiasm and a lot of fun.

The thing people are most reluctant to do is part of their money. At an early stage, it is important to collect a deposit from each member of the group who has confirmed that they are coming. There is no commitment or incentive to do so at the last minute and it may be shameful. This makes traveling much easier to handle. You must be aware of the members that the final amount due may be slightly altered if group members are discharged or new members join. A 400 € coach and 30 coaches will pay more per person than sharing the cost of 40 people. Usually, you find that quotes are given in the budgets, as group tour operators will know that people can drop out or get new travelers. In addition, you must inform people of the cancellation deadlines. Normally, if you cancel the hotel 30 days before departure, you will have to pay the full amount.

Law and Package Travel Policy

Changes that you have to know before are relatively recent in the law. If a consumer buys more than one travel component, it is considered a package. As such, you will need to enter this money into a trust account and you will not be able to access the money until the group members have traveled. This applies to all non-regular group tour operators. Non-standard concepts, however, are not clearly defined and have not yet been investigated in court. To avoid violating the law, it may be easier to use a professional group tour operator who already had systems that deal with the travel package directive.

Industrial Organizations

If a professional group tour operator must look to be a member of the GTOA or ETOA if you're on a European trip.

Travel Insurance

As a group travel, your organizer or initiator for your group is responsible for what is happening to members of the group. Unfortunately, from time to time things are not going as planned. You have to make sure that you and your group members are protected against such cases. This is particularly true of school and youth groups. Travel insurance is often not expensive and in many situations legal requirement.

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