Girls Getaway-Mini Vacations – Retirements

This week is the Girlfriends Week, not just one day, a whole week … very special!

And we really have to enjoy it if we do not send emails to the girlfriends so we can tell them how much they appreciate their friendship …

The new holiday trend known as "girls escape" and the rumors that this is a great way, to get rid of it all and go here your life is a mini vacation your best girlfriend, yes!

Escape holiday holidays are so popular that many resorts, guest houses and accommodation offer a special offer to those girls who try to get away for a few days. Many resorts, cruises, ski resorts and guest farms offer a variety of specials.

I'm looking for the net and finding the different types of girls escape packs. There are a number of places where girls who want to go for a while can stay and play or relax, including golf, and offer some craft retreats that sound like a lot of fun and a good way to knit.

The retirement of the last girls I left in Pennsylvania, some of my childhood friends. I did not have to pay for the hotel because we stayed in our best friend and we all ate food and drink. The silence of the forest was very relaxing, peaceful and greener than Ireland, beautiful as a painting. Humming birds roared around and the six cats and three dogs were the best fun they could ask for and free of charge.

If you do not have any friends who live in places where you can get away and relax, or you do not want to do it or you just want more fun than some tiny little hairy friends who like to ask, I recommend the girls' escape weekend to wherever you decide. Big Sky, Montana is definitely my favorite as well as the Colorado Yellowstone National Park and anywhere in the rocky mountains, especially if you love outdoors. You can once again enjoy a weekend in Chesapeake Bay or wine tasting or chocolate sampling or whatever your heart wants. The list is endless and so there are the great deals you can get if you're doing a little research. There are many great ideas and places for girls. Just choose something and go on it – especially this week, as the Girlfriends Week!

Have fun!

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