Forget the economy, people are still traveling

In my days, I see headlines about how bad the economy is. Although I agree that things are a bit hard now, I also know that vacation is about to end soon. It's like being a natural part of American lifestyle.

Here's the real question.

How much will you spend on your next vacation?

I think the timing of timeshare is quickly over. I know many people who have them and are desperate to sell them just to find the solution. Nobody wants to pay an annual fee and tell you when and where to go on holiday. The situation changes every day. What works this year may not be suitable for years to come. Hence, many seasonal rentals were made for seasonal holidaymakers instead of owners who used them for their own pleasure.

What about the opportunity to travel to luxury resorts around the globe at affordable prices at any time.

Is it too good to be true?

Not really!

It's a fact that leisure clubs are becoming increasingly popular every day. Yes, there are some who pay a fee for annual fees, but there are others who allow them to join a single membership fee for life.

When you join the right travel club, you can access the world's finest 5 star resorts and timeshare. And the best part is that you will pay only a fraction of the average consumer.

I'm a member of the Global Resorts Network and I love it. I can travel to the whole country and pay a minimum price. I work for me. Will it work for you? You decide.

For Success And Happiness,

Tim Benefiel

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