Florida – Come on vacation – Leave the probation

Florida, is a great place to come. With all the sights in town here, they are all fun, not to mention the day we see the sun every day.

However, there is one thing that must be warned in any case. The long arm of the law does not play down. Listen to what I know from experience.

Yes, I was a rural idiot in March 2006, and I believe I'm not eager. Yes, I was drunk and should not have been driving. I thought it was just a few miles away, I was just going to a parking lot where I slept, but Barney came here.

There was not a soul on the road now, and he and me, and I told old Barney that he was drinking, and only a few short miles away I could see that I should not move. Well, sure, you've all heard the expression "you have the right to listen." This would be a good time to take advantage of this right, as Barney had his camera in his car. I just asked him to let me sleep in the car in this parking lot, I would have slipped my eyes and could have thrown the key anywhere, and I could slip in the back seat and sleep.

"Oh no," she says, maybe I can get out of the car and turn it around and run away. "I have to go to jail where you can be safe," not to mention the $ 2-3,000 you're raped, fines, fees, court fees, and of course probation.

I want to say that I came to the conclusion that this was a blessing with a victim, I probably drink a decade I used, and there will not be a beer if I know I'm driving. From here I go to Alaska to never have to be imprisoned again. Once you have to hit your head with a rock.

If you came from another state and was arrested, you think you're lucky. Because you do not want to go to probation here. It's as if they want it to fail and I want to keep the system as long as they can. I swear to the police that they are gods, if they are not in law enforcement, thinking about themselves, "I know this guy is a criminal, how can I prove it?"

While in jail, there was a guy in the throwing of a disposable Bic lighter. He picked it up from a table and lit his cigarette and put it wrong in his pocket. I was in prison for more than a week when I got there because there was no money for the bail.

There was also a California stunt who had violated the probationary period because he did not want to pass on his probe officer's fake weapons that he used in the movies. So his probation officer pulled back to Florida to sign a paper and arrested him for 90 days.

So people, this is when you come to the sunny state, do yourself a favor. Save your drinking when you get home. As tourism is currently down, somehow you have to spend your lost income. Do not start any failure and try your best behavior.

Because Barney is watching and trying to figure out how to prove he's a criminal.

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