Flightseeing Tour – Grand Canyon Holiday Packages

Grand Canyon is huge, so you see this area a good place. Fortunately, I had a chance at such an exciting tour. I started off at Tusayan Grand Canyon National Airport.

When I got to the helicopter, I got a security brief and got a small life vest and headset. Then I sat in the seat and the helicopter was ready to fly. Since this was my first time to fly on a helicopter, I was a little worried. But when he got off I realized that he felt very safe and calm.

The Helicopter was an ECO star. Due to the thoughtful glass, tourism gives a complete picture of the whole area. I was sitting in a crib, and I had to say it was very comfortable. The helicopter flew quietly and there was no shake, so I can concentrate on dramatic beauty. It seemed to have led me out of the canyon from a bubble to a bird's eye.

There were two types of tours, one of the Canyon Dancer tours, the other was the Canyon Spirit journey. The former is flying over the Kalibab National Forest, the Colorado River and the Northern Perimeter. But I think it's later interesting. Tourists can experience the mansions and their depths. Finally, I knew how deep the Canyon was. I spent 45 minutes to finish this great excursion.

Pilot was our guide, and he was informative. He answered our questions and directed us to formations. I was surprised to see that some trees were golden in the sunshine, and the red earth created a wonderful place for the canyon. I have been photographed and I want to record the beautiful scenery forever.

After I landed, I bought the DVD for our flight and a photo of our group. They've seen my whole tour. In addition, there were a number of souvenirs on the Grand Canyon logo as sweaters, hats and tees. I bought a hat and I wanted to send it to my dad. This short trip was very big.

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