Find hidden gems at a Denver vacation

Denver, Colorado, the so-called mile high city, lures millions a year to a wide range of spectacular leisure opportunities. Within 30 miles of the city, skiing, golfing, remarkable hot springs, and enjoying world-class restaurants and shopping – the same Denver vacation.

Practically all the hills surrounding the horizon are spectacular views of the Denver neighborhood, which is great if you want to soak the venues while enjoying the city vacation experience. If you decide to stay in the city, just one of the hidden gems that Denver Vacation offers you is the "LoDo" area. Short in Lower Downtown Denver, LoDo where you can really feel the excitement of the city. The LoDo 26 blocks are converted into rooftop cafes, bistros, pubs and jazz clubs, one of the "elegant" locations for a Denver vacation.

If you're looking for art and culture, make sure you spend one day on Denver's day trip, in the 30 art gallery of Denver's Santa Fe Art District. And after appetizing, head to the Upper Plains, one of the city's finest restaurants.

Denver vacation is designed to have experienced a way to bring it to the true sense of how it is to live in this one-of-a-kind city. From Victorian shops to fast-paced nightlife, you just have to discover as much as you can on your finger at the city's impulse. Traditional cultural activities can be found in the Acoma Theater if you prefer culture while you stay.

When it comes to recreation, with over 200 parks and 850 miles of biking, you can get plenty of opportunities to stay active within the city limits. If you're looking for something from the audience, you can try white-water paddling on the premier Cache La Poudre River.

Whether you're planning a trip to Denver's historic guesthouse or luxury resorts, Denver's vacation will simply not be perfect without really being a cozy hotel room where you can relax after a day out.

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