FAM Travel – Traveling for Free!

Imagine being free to travel?

To go to exotic vacation spots and pamper like cheating?

You no longer have to imagine! Every day, all over the world. These avenues are called free and near free FAM or FAMiliarization trips.

FAM excursions to travel professionals, travel agents, travel agencies, resorts, etc. Offering tour operators. They are responsible for promoting tourism in their country and their resort. Family trips are one of the most important stages of marketing arsenal.

What better way to showcase your goods than invite a group of travel professionals to the party and spend great time in the facilities?

I've got a friend who sent the day after Thanksgiving from the resort to the resort and canceled in Jamaica, WI, Jamaica's Tourism Directorate for free!

Another friend is launching a 7-day transatlantic trip from New York to England for $ 499 on the latest, most beautiful cruise ships on Queen Mary 2.

The Dominican Republic will be particularly encouraged by tourism. The latest promotions include a three-day stay at La Conesta Sunset Beach, all inclusive free. And a 7 day vacation at the exclusive Johnathan Shores Golf Resort for only $ 55 / night, all inclusive, was also available!

As you can imagine, you're selling New Orleans virtually! The most recent lists include a 7-day / 7-night stay in the Latin Quarter and all the paid expenses, a 4-day cruise to Mighty Mississippi.

How do you qualify for a free trip?

You must provide the appropriate travel passes to travel for free. There are three main travel passes. The IATA card is the easiest to access and the one that will turn it on.

If you are using a home-based IATA home-based travel agency. This creditworthiness requires 60-70% of FAM travel

In addition, it is entitled to travel allowances by travel professionals.

Airlines do not let the fare drop. Depending on availability, you can upgrade to the business class or to the first class for the price of the car seat. It's worth over $ 10,000, especially when traveling abroad!

Hotels are also involved in making you feel like a real king when you visit. They often update a suite for the price of a regular room!

Hertz, Avis, and so on. You should not miss it. Recently a friend of mine received a Hummer at the same price as a Jeep!

What should be a certified home travel agent?

You need to find a hosting agency that comes with you as a self-employed.

Some agencies will accept you without experience, some will not. Commission fees account for between 60% and 80% of the contracts paid to the Agency.

Most hosting agencies require their agents to actually collaborate with clients, one after the obsolete client / agent model.

This requires computer skills, time and expertise from the agent. Most customers now give them control and freedom when using internet-based travel services such as Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity.

The new, purely internet-based travel agent offers a pure market for its own, Expedia-driven travel site to potential customers who book their own travel.

The agent is looking for money while he is sleeping, doing a daily job, or even traveling freely.

Many Internet-based agencies are sold as franchises. American Express sells for $ 10,000. Magic Johnson, the NBA's reputation, has just rolled out for $ 5,000.

Another lesser known entry is YTB or Travel Biz, which is the fastest growing company in the field with over 135,000 independent agents.

Many agencies are looking for independent agents – you can be one.

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