Dr. Freud and your vacation interpretation

Happy Summer! Finally, the sweet season is here. Outdoor activities, full bloom gardens, warm breezes, early sunrise and late sunset are yours. But billable hours are often closed in June and cause a shortage of funds for July and August. What is Solopreneur? An overview of the list of customers and the idea of ​​creating a business in the fourth quarter is always useful. But why not go on vacation if you can afford it?

Holiday is good for you. You have to escape the usual workpieces to refresh your spirit and renew your perspectives. Experts from both psychologists and productivity are enjoying the benefits of winning and have been shown to have reduced stress and benefits over creativity and productivity as a two-week vacation with short breaks during the year. Anyway, a drifting networking option can fall on your lap at your place of vacancy, or you may find a brilliant solution to an annoying problem after you begin to relax and relax.

I was having dinner for each season and I personally like winter holidays that allow me to visit the warm climates and escape for a week or two in the frozen, snowy New England. Winter vacations are costly both for time and money, and businesses and Solopreneur cities are out of town if B2B customers work and work in the city. If you do, you can do it, but many self-employed will better serve you if your customers are likely to be away and this is summer.

Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis and the father of psychotherapy, was the devotee of summer vacations. Planning the family's summer vacation was a favorite project called Sommerproblem. Freedoms had tangible benefits to dr. Freud.

In July 1895, when he reached Bellevue Schloss, a hotel and spa in the outer district of Vienna, Freud had the dream to lay the foundation for the amazing theory of dreams to fulfill his wishes. His book published in 1899 was published in 1899 and is still printed.

His only visit to the US in August 1909, Freud is delighted to combine business when he came to the University of West Clark, Worcester, to attend five psychoanalysis lectures and honorary degrees. Visiting Freud met James Jackson Putnam, a neurologist at Harvard University and head of the movement to professionalize psychotherapy in the United States. Putnam invited Freud and two other well-known psychoanalysts to travel to America — Carl Jung, who honored Clark and Sándor Ferenczi's honorary diploma – to spend a few days in the Putnam family camp at Adirondack and visit the Niagara Falls.

Several days of hiking and celebration led Freud, the most important personal relationship that arose at the Worcester meeting. "Putnam gave credibility to Freud's theory of psychoanalysis and promoted its use (NY Times, Aug. 29, 2009). His reputation has jumped and his practice has now taken place.

While on your next vacation it is unlikely you will be inspired to write a book that will become an international bestseller will be linked to an influential thinker who can help consolidate his professional reputation or meet a venture capital provider that will provide funding that will launch the next level

But we could meet with his next client or someone who talks about the unexpected market of your services If you plan well and do not try to get overwhelmed, you will relax and feel better, whether you are visiting a new place or returning to an eternal favorite.Whatever you do, you can spend wonderful days! 19659002] Thank you for reading,


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