Do you need Tan before you holiday?

"Summer vacation plans are all set, they saved the reservations, set the details in the house and downgraded their bathing suits so you can rest on the beach, just counting the days and hoping we did not miss anything. Wait, wait for a meeting in the solarium or maybe not

or do not study before going on vacation, some are part of the solarium routine routine and do not know whether or not you need to stop (or maintain) that routine (or something that I have never tried), but I want you on vacation when you are on a vacation, but no one wants to waste time or money, maybe you feel better when you're looking for a vacation and you forget the salon but before tanning the vacation can be the best time and money

Here are some things you should consider before tanning before your vacation

o A basic tan helps prevent sunburn, which is the unusual exposure of the sun. If you do not usually spend time in the sun, you find it fast to vacate (which destroys the whole experience). The basic bag obtained before the holiday will minimize this problem. Those who regularly ring, already have this teacher, but those who do not want to make some appointments in the indoor solarium before the holiday starts.

o Before tanning, tanning supplies information on tanning, which will be useful during travel. When you go to a solarium, you can find out how many different tanning liquids, exposure levels and other details that fit your skin. Understanding your knowledge can help improve the color out of the beach and minimize skin damage to the sun.

o The gradual tans are often the best look. If you go straight to vacation and your teacher goes for several days, it looks good. But if you typically get tanned, both before and during your vacations, your skin will usually be smoother and more healthy.

o The arrival of a teacher gives confidence. Let's face it, we're always intimidating to go through a swimsuit and get out to the public. Even with the best body, he may be a bit embarrassed if he is wearing such little publicity. Tanning takes time before the confidence you have to use from your vacation. Whether we regenerate romance, enjoy the way in ourselves or just have fun, this trust can make or break the vacation experience.

Have you set up your plans for why you do not meet the local solarium? They learn the right lotion lotions for indoors and outdoors, help them get the basic fat that prevents skin damage during your vacation and looks best to be safe. enjoy every moment of your trip. "

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