Do not miss the sun's cloud for your vacation!

The Benefits and Consequences of Living in Florida. The perfect example is sunbathing. There is not a week to go because I do not see that one of my patients is a serious sunburn in the office. Even with my constant preaching that I am cautious during the day, many of my patients continued to protect the sun protection.

Anyway, if you're planning on a tropical vacation … you're sleeping for a few hours in a yard lounge … or maybe just losing time with kids in the park, it's easy to forget about using sunscreen. This is best done. That is why I feel that it is important to take the steps you need to take care of when these situations arise.

When the worst scenario happens and you find yourself an ugly burning incident, do not panic – you can do a lot of things to relieve the pain and help your skin recover with minimal discomfort. The good news many of these solutions are a natural solution! Not surprisingly, Mother Nature is sometimes our best bodyguard. The following list is my favorite natural methods to treat the sunburn:

1) Aloe – This gel comes from the leaves of aloe plant, probably the most well-known natural treatment of sunburn. Used so often, you do not even have to make a special trip to store natural foods as most drugs store in the form of gel. It has cooler and antibacterial properties. If you have access to an aloe plant, you can cut your mail & # 39; the outer layers and use the oil from the plant directly.

2) Milk – Have you ever tried a new meals at a Mexican or Indian restaurant that consumed a lot more than you wanted? The waiter may have offered a glass of milk to the fire in his tongue. The same principle applies to sunburn. Soak a wet cloth in skim milk and place it in the infected area with soothing, cooling effect.

3) Yogurt – Natural yogurt has a similar effect on milk with live and active cultures, but with creamy consistency that facilitates rinsing and avoids sour scent.

4) Black Tea – Tannins on black tea can freeze the inflated skin. I steal some tea pots in water at room temperature and apply them to sunburn.

6) Apple apple cider – This is another household item that treats the pain caused by sunburn. Soak the dress with a vinegar and burn the compressor. Soak the compression again if it dries to moisten the area.

7) Vitamin E – This powerful antioxidant ointment or oil can be used to soothe and moisten the burned area.

8) Vitamin C – This antioxidant tablet should be taken to strengthen the immune system. During sunshine, UV rays of solar radiation damage the cells, making it more difficult for the body to control the infection.

9) Calendula – This natural plant material has soothing, antibacterial, fungicidal and anti-inflammatory properties.

10) Soda Biscuit – Add half a cup to a cool bath and heal the pain of sunburn with a long, relaxing soak. Allow the skin to dry in air instead of rubbing it with a towel that can cause irritation. It is also important to note that creams, ointments, or oils should not be absorbed or blistered, as these may be more susceptible to infection. If you are fevered by sunburn, you may have a heat stroke and need to see the doctor right away. If you have blisters or feel uncomfortable in the treatment of sunburn, contact your doctor as soon as possible as soon as possible. In any case, the sunburn is unique, so the above list should only be used as alternative therapies. Finally, keep in mind my tips for preventing sunburn:

1) Put a wide-brimmed hat, cover your clothing, and wear UV-blocking sunglasses outdoors.

2) Use large amounts of sunscreen (SPF 15) every day and apply again for two hours.

3) Try to stay in the shadows, especially between 10 am and 4 pm, when outdoors, and do not look for work.

4) Performs a monthly self-test and every year sees a dermatologist for complete skin testing.

Jay Brachfeld, MD

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