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After returning from a week long vacation near Walt Disney World near Orlando, we returned more than we expected. My wife and I made all the WDW stuff, and one Saturday went for a comfortable rest. It lasted until one of the properties that talked about DVC or the Disney Vacation Club came out in the kiosk. We have organized a one hour tour in Saratoga Springs, a timeshare right on the shore of Lake Disney from Downtown Disney. There was no effort, but we had time to kill.

For the first time, a short speech about our situation. We're half-retired and we're out of the Internet business. I have a stock exchange investment and three adult children, one at university. We have seen a different usage right now and we agreed that it is not usually a good investment. In general, there are many limitations, too expensive and more often do not offer properties in places you can never visit. For example, they are miles away from the coast or the capitals. In any case, morbid curiosity and the fact that it was Disney's center.

They sent a van to our resort and took us to the extreme 1000-room resort. After we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised. The huge project consisting of three-story buildings is very well designed. There are several pools, restaurants, a fitness center and spa, buses and ferries to the rest of Walt Disney World. After completing the tour, the representative went through the details.

Timesharing is easy. You buy a lot of points from 150, for about $ 15,000, you give it a bit. Then it gets a brochure of properties that are grouped with collections. The best value and the most flexible choice in Florida and one of Hilton Head, SC. Based on the season of the year and the size of the room, it can be reached anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Disney's partners include Interval International to add foreign destinations to the plan. There are restrictions like a full week, and other rules for real estate. But Disney offers a full range of travel packages like tours and, of course, cruises.

So what did we choose? Well, the most popular feature is that this is a Disney time rental, which means they are of high quality. Even partners have to stick to the Disney excellence tradition. But downsides would be familiar to most timely buyers. There is an annual maintenance fee that starts after $ 850, after paying $ 15,000 and closing costs. This fee goes up every year and even if it is only 5%. In the case of all reservations, a booking fee of $ 75 to $ 95 will be charged. If you book 5 separate 2-day stays, you will pay 5 special booking fees.

The good news is that there are no relaxing days, but you have to advance the room to the desired room. Another plus is to use an agent and a phone number for every order, even for restaurants and delivery bookings. Most of the time shared right of use is good; Some four and five star resorts, but most points are used, of course. In addition, the most popular years of the year require more points. Okay, what's the point?

You can do much worse than sharing a Disney time. If you go to Disney World regularly, this is for you. There are several membership discounts on parking fees for souvenirs and restaurants. Saratoga Springs has a timeshare relationship of up to 47 years. You can hand it over to your children without punishment. Or use the points while still there. They all depend on you. There are also DVC timeshare resale available at a lower cost, but I can not support them because they are not related to Disney. Do your own online research. But the forums you visit do not praise the DVC and the different qualities. If you ever had a time schedule, but we were skeptical, check out the DVC. Think about buying three children and their future children. They can continue to use it in 47 years and they will already be paid. And who does not like Disney vacation?

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