Differences between Damascus, Brocade and Jacquard

It is often the case that non-educated people use damask, brocade and Jacquard terms in interchangeable ways. It is often confused by those who do not know the world of tissues. Jacquard is an ornamental or woven pattern that is used with a Jacquard binding on a loom. Recording resembles the piano percussion card. They claim that the weaver operator offers better versatility and tissue control. The Jacquard technique can be applied to a variety of fabrics and is usually used in brocade and damast fabrics. Usually, they are used between different garments and household items, tablecloths and linens.

The brocade is defined as a richly embellished shrinkage cloth. Woven mainly from silk; although a brocade made of a mixture of silk and synthetic fibers can be found. Often gold or silver fibers need to be embroidered. Brocade can recover from India where weaving is a traditional art form. It is usually woven and woven with Jacquard technique or not. It is also characterized by the fact that the brocured or brushed parts of the fabric hang or are cut off in loose groups. Despite the brocade's scenes and patterns embroidered, the scenes are actually woven into the fabric with advanced weaving techniques that involve tampering with tissue and tissue. The most common scenes depicted on the brocade fabric are the floral prints.

Damask, like the brocade, is a fabric that depicts woven scenes of floral patterns, complex geometric patterns, or simple lifestyles. It can be woven from silk, wool, canvas, cotton or synthetic fibers. However, this is most commonly made of silk. It is primarily different from brocade in the fact that its woven fabric sample is reversible, while brocade is not. Likewise, the pink coil pattern in the damas allows the finer effects in the material as it plays from shadows and light. The damas woven also contain a larger number of fibers than the brocade. Double damast carpets are the highest quality damask fibers; but this is also the most expensive.

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