Crystals and gems that promote the astral projection

Precious stones bring our planet's treasures, light, color and spark into people's neck, ears, and hands all over the world. The crystals and gems represent a value that exceeds the appearance of a beautifully crafted pendant. They contain healing properties, promote healing and growth, restore balance and protect against negativity. Every stone has its message and purpose, its vibration and energy nourishes some aspect of our life.

Those who practice astral projection will find that the transition from physical plane to astral will be much more fluid and natural with specific gemstones. The stones are located on a pillow, arranged at the four cardinal points of the North, South, East and West placed on the doors, or placed in a ring around the bed. It is not necessary to wear gemstones to get the healing properties of the stone. In fact, many people prefer rock in their pure, raw form when used for their metaphysical properties.

  • Tourmalinated Quartz is a light quartz crystal with sparkling black tourmaline crystals wrapped or threaded. This is a beautiful stone that combines the intrinsic properties of each gem and gives remarkable protection and healing powers. The tourmaline purifies the energy around it, dissolves the negativity while the quartz amplifies the effect of the tourmaline. This stone is well suited for eliminating fear and protection and is said to be a facilitator of astral travel. Since it is in contact with the third eyeball, it is the center of revival and enlightenment in our bodies while meditation or relaxation approaches the outline of quartz, which would facilitate a very mystical, remarkable extra-natural experience.
  • Flourite is a handsome stone that is in color from yellow to purple to pure or even white. Each color has its own unique attributes, but each flour has the same basic energy of protection and welfare. Soft cleansing energies that purify and promote healthy aura and balanced chakras. It also promotes intuition and help in seeking the true spiritual path. All of these trains make it a valuable stone for astral projection.
  • Angelite is a calm, heavenly blue spotted stone that has high vibrations, so it is ideal for communicating with higher realms, angels, and wise guides. The soothing, loving energies that this stone emits, provide you with strength and support during your astral adventures, ensuring that whatever experience you create while in the astral plane you will be benevolent love and healing. By placing this stone in your third eye during meditation before the astral projection, one of the most valuable and varied moments of absolute love and acceptance can be achieved after reaching the astral plane.
  • Moldavite is a very rare gem, which is extremely valuable because of its unique energies and its impact on people, since Moldavite is the only alien stone known to man. 15 million years ago, he came to earth in a great fiery meteor, bringing with it the characteristics of action, change, transformation and acceptance. The fire of purification and change is still burning in the stunning deep green stone. When used in the astral projection, it is said to promote the transformation of passion and intensity. The beginner may wish to use this stone carefully, but the experienced seeker will enjoy its dynamic, active essence.

Each beautiful stone improves the only wisdom to the astral road. By combining it with itself, or with other gems, providing strength, healing and support, these natural guides can lend their vibration to their astral journey and provide unforgettable joy beyond their experience.

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