Cosmos Vs Globus

Visit to Europe is cheaper than you think. The Globus brand family can choose from two options. The Cosmos offers a great holiday value for the budget, while Globus offers a great trip.

In order to better understand the difference, I will use an example that I met at the beginning of the week when a customer planned a trip to Spain, but the Cosmos "Great Tour Spain" and the Globus "Spanish Fiesta". Specifically, the client wanted to know why he had to pay $ 500 for the Globus trip when the Cosmos went to the same place and had a day?

This is one of the best questions you can ask the travel agent! The tourism sector is a very competitive area, and if a company offers the same route at a strongly different price then there is a reason. As we sat and discussed the two routes, here was what the customer knew.

In both tours, he would move to Madrid; both would meet and welcome (if they bought air tickets through the tour operator) and they each had a hotel room in their name. Now that the difference begins, the Globus tour manager will welcome a welcome dinner that evening and meet other travelers. The director of the Cosmos tour would only be greeted in the hotel lobby. Dinner will be on your own and maybe meet other travelers and join them.

The Globus Group every morning has a generous buffet breakfast (each morning participating in a tour) all of the main attractions at the entrance to the world famous Prado Museum and pay. It offers afternoon leisure. The Cosmos Group leaves Madrid and Valencia (via Aranjuez and Cuenca), about 222 miles away, at the Royal Palace stop along the way. The driving time is approx. 4 hours, but there will be photo stops as well as stop lunch, although not included. The cosmos tour would stay two nights in Valencia, which did not include sightseeing.

On the second day, Globus tour north to Vitoria, stopping in Segovia and Burgos … photo, rest and lunch stop, of course. Lunch is not on Globus either this day. The distance is approx. 175 miles or approx. 3 hours.

I'm not continuing the daily comparison since the article would be very long, but you can be sure that these differences will continue. Example: Globus takes a deep sightseeing tour in Granada, Cosmos is optional. The Globus tour takes you to Gibraltar, with an entry fee; Cosmos does not go to Gibraltar. Globus stops Toledo's pay-per-view city tour; Cosmos does not stop in Toledo. The cosmos visit in Madrid is at the end of the tour, there is no internal visit.

There are even more subtle differences that are included on the Globus tour over the Cosmos, for example, in larger cities for several nights, with some extra meals while traveling, perhaps with wine or entertainment. Globus is often found in local restaurants, where Cosmos can be found at the restaurants of the hotel.

In summary, if your goal is to travel comfortably, with clean hotels, meals, guides, as your shepherd and source of information, and at a price you can afford, go to the "budget" of the Cosmos Tours . Remember, there will be many "optional" hikes and meals, including maths. If you want to see more, access to outstanding museums and attractions, stay in centrally located hotels and avoid many opportunities, so you can count on more in the price, you will find that Globus tours are better

Keep in mind that both owned by the same company who has been walking for more than 80 years, so you will not be disappointed as long as you know what the price is.

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