Cool people vacation in Verbier

Snow Dorados is luring the rich and famous Swiss mountains. Instead of the St. Louis Moritz champagne climate change or the Gstaad caviar paths, young stars prefer their own ski lifts in their own Verbier.

Especially the young, cool stars attract the valais village of less than 2,000 inhabitants. For example,
for example, British singer James Blunt has moved the community and wants
to build a chalet. As a welcome gift, the famous British pop star picked up a chair on his behalf
. Not long ago Pierre Casiraghi (21), son of the Queen of Monaco Caroline
had a few warm days in Verbier's snow-covered mountain world.

Three years ago, Victoria Beckham (34) celebrated the 30th birthday of the whole family in Warsaw (19459004). Hughes Grant is often seen on Verbier's career (48). The last
year, the hot betrayed Briton, really enjoyed the good snow conditions at the Váradi (19459002) mountains. Huge fan of this delightful resort and generally in Switzerland Juliette actrice
Binoche (44). The elegant French woman likes the biggest European ski slope, because the Swiss Riviera is close to
and, of course, France, her homeland. The regular guests
are Sarah Ferguson (48), Princess York, Fergie, daughter of Beatrice (19)
and Eugenie (17).

Why is Verbier so attractive? One reason for this is that the community is very discreet.
is the guest of privacy and respects the inhabitants of the village. They
want peace and rest in one of Switzerland's most beautiful ski resorts.
And what is richness during the day when skiing in Heli is boring? He
training in Polo. I do not think that even more expensive sports have been discovered. However, the
competitions played there are not as exclusive as St. Louis. Moritz. Anyone
can take part in a ride, says Yves Luginbühl.

Later, usually after midnight, people will visit luxury clubs. In the "Farm Club" beer prices are around 19459002, 20 Swiss francs ($ 16). A bit more free is Coco-Club, where you sometimes see billions of Richard Branson. Usually, a specially-crafted cocktail is ordered by an unusually prepared ice culture in a Swiss chalet,
. The price includes only CHF 10,000
. A little cheaper than the "Dom Perignon" (1995) brand name champagne (about 2000 Swiss francs).

It's incredibly unbelievable that in a lot of villages it has more than 100 bars and
restaurants. It may not be like downtown in London or New York. I'm sure you will not be bored. Simply said: Verbier's hip and cool! While the super-rich are walking in the frozen lake St. Moritz, (GR) and the old stars slowly and carefully ski on the slopes of Gstaad (BE) guests Verbier is all a little relaxing. This is a new slope of the Swiss ski slopes.

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