Compare Most Popular Brands – Samsonite Luggage, Travel Baggage & Delsey Baggage

Samsonite Luggage, Travelpro Luggage and Delsey Luggage are one of the renowned companies involved in the manufacture of different types of travel bags. Bags made by such companies offer a number of unique features, and quality and style make the bags appealing to a large number of people.

Samsonite Bags

Samsonite Sahora Brights 20in. Spinner Upright is one of the most widely used brands of spinner bags. The bag size, capacity and weight are 40 linear inches each, 1729 cubic centimeters and 9.5 pounds. Usually, this popular Samsonite travel bag offers many opportunities for users. The bag material is made of the polycarbonate and ABS of Samsonite ABS. Like any other Samsonite luggage bag, there are spinner wheels, side and top carry handles, easy to access pockets and large main compartment. Although this bag has many useful features, the sale price is not high. It is said that the two main reasons for the popularity of the highest Samsonite packages are acceptable price and durable quality.

Travelpro boot

Travelpro manufactures many luggage compartments. Among them Travelpro FlightPro 4 28in. The expandable Rollaboard Suiter is the highest rated. Its dimensions, weight and capacity are about 60 x 1100 mm, 6.34 cm2. For this useful bag, ballistic nylon is used. One of the most important features of the TravelPro packs: one-lever closing handle, side and top carrying cases, folding hook, 1 large pocket on the outside, U-shaped rear pocket, rubberized lock insert, TSA locking system, removable toilet seat and deluxe clothing sleeve, 2 elasticated side pockets. The price of the highly durable item is approx. 175.95 USD.

Delsey Packing

Delsey Helium Pilot 24in. The Expandable Suiter Trolley is popular with business and leisure travelers. Its dimensions are 49.5 linear inches, its capacity is 3466 inches, and its weight is 10.5 pounds. Denier Ballistic Teflon uses this bag primarily. Because it is a long-lasting material, these bags provide users with a long service life. One of the key features of Delsey Helium's bag is the push-button lock handle, rolling wheels, side guards, poly jacquard liner, laundry pocket and TSA lock system. Usually, the sale price of the bag remains around $ 212.95.

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