Christmas vacation

The most amazing time of the year is almost here. The kids are in school breaks and parents can not wait until they get back, the guests go to family dinners and the prisoner looks at the pearls. Christmas movies have been rolling regularly. I usually went to my favorite movie National Lampoon's Christmas holiday until the big day when the whole family could sit and laugh.

While the movie is a reporter comedy, there are scenes that if it really did happen in real life, it would not be ridiculous. Uncle Lewis's scene, which lights a cigar at the Christmas tree, is one of my favorites. Many people prefer real people. however, they forget to add water on a regular basis, which may cause the wood to dry out and cause a fire hazard.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 2003-2007. Over a period of four years, US fire brigades responded to an average of 250 home fires that started with Christmas trees each year, averaging 14 deaths, 26 injuries and $ 13.8 million in direct damage to property annually. Christmas fires are not regular events, but these statistics may have serious consequences.

Here are some tips to get rid of a safe Christmas as another statistic.

– If you leave the tree within the house for a few days then the tree naturally opens. This ensures that the branches do not open up to the candles.

– Hydration in a moist and damp environment greatly reduces the chance of fire. Daily sprayed with water and with a water-filled base to prevent drought and become more resistant to fire and flames.

– There is not much light on the Christmas tree. Using photocells with multiple light beam connectors reduces the risk of overloading electrical circuits.

– It is important to keep it away from open flames, such as candles and especially fireplaces and stoves.

Finally, keep pets and children away from the tree. Remember what happened to the cat on Christmas holidays, who wore the wires. Children are known to have unnecessary chances.

It is important for you and your family to enjoy a live Christmas tree on Christmas morning with gifts. These basic Christmas tree tips can take a long way.

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