Cancun Weather – Best and worst months to go

One of the reasons why Cancun weather is this Mexican resort is the second most popular resort in the Caribbean.

Cancun attracts many tourists alongside hotel, shopping, and restaurant tapes; the cheap bus-transport system; I have a lot of things to do; and provides convenient access to US airports and United States airports. 1.5 hours flight time from Miami and four hours from Chicago

The best time to go to Cancun is whether you want to spend a lot of time on the beach and in the water, or if you want to spend the most time, dining and visiting the region's various sights .

Cancun weather is generally warm throughout the year – in fact, many hotels and resorts are in the open air lobby, but coastal winds can make the air and water cooler in the winter months. Average temperature

The average vintage high in this resort is close to 88 degrees and the average low temperature is only 74 degrees, according to the World Meteorological Organization

Cancun weather is the hottest time from May to September when visiting average temperature per month exceeds 90 degrees – in August it rises to 92.5.

Cancun weather in December, January and February is the coolest when the average high temperature is 83 degrees

The average low drop in January and February is below 70 degrees and hardly worsens in December 70.

Average Rainfall [19659006] The average rainfall is 4.4 inches per month, averaging 9.6 months per month.

The days of rain and rain correspond to a Caribbean destination on average.

February, March and April are the driest months when it falls below 1.8 inches per month. It also falls in the rain for just five days.

The fall in July's precipitation falls in July and rises in September and October in the most active hurricane season, when it is nearly nine inches per month.

November is also higher than the average rainfall.

The best time to go

Cottages find that the best time to visit Cancun in February-May, and especially in October.

However, note that the water temperature in February and March is frozen and is not comfortable to swim for any length of time.

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