Best Ever Titanic Jokes – Essential Reading for Your Cruise Vacation

The RMS Titanic, when it was built, was the world's largest cruise line, unique in luxury and luxury. The ship is proud of any entertainment, including squash, swimming pool, gym, Turkish bath and a wonderful library. The furnishings were very elegant, and the walls of the dining room were made of extensive oak wood. The ship was built at the Harland & Wolff Shipyard in Belfast, and after a well-publicized voyage, a naval experiment took place when Southampton was roasted at Southampton. On April 10, 1912, a total of 2223 passengers and staff were transported to New York. Four days later, during the dark and cold Atlantic night, the Titanic hit the iceberg and fell for two hours and forty minutes later, with 1517 losing lives.

How could such a terrible tragedy become a matter of everyday life humor? The ship's owner, the White Star Line, may be wrong. In 1910, the Titanic and the Olympic Brothers' publication of their widely read publication, "These two wonderful ships are designed to be impeccable." Even during the deadly night of 1912, when White Start Line's new office was told that the Titanic had encountered difficulties, White Star's vice president, Philip Franklin, said, "We trust the Titanic completely. We believe the boat is inexcusable."

So this tragedy, misfortune, and irony of revolt corrects us to laugh at the whimsical and fatal nature of our existence.

Now, jokes from bad (and surely a lot of bad). The following are the favorites of the editor, so they apologize if their own chips are not present.

* What was the last thing anyone said about Titanic? "I know I ordered ice, but it's ridiculous!"

* What cake do Titanic have in the desert? Upside-down cake!

* Which ship can never reach an iceberg? Friendship!

* What's coming up with ice? The Titanic!

* What do you get when you cross the Atlantic Ocean with Titanic? About halfway!

* The Titanic's chief designer was a lisp. This is unthinkable!

* At Titanic, the captain calls the officers' meeting:

"I have some good news and some bad news. What do you want to hear first?

"Good news," an officer says.

"We get eleven Oscars."

* The Titanic will sink. People on the boat shouted, screamed, ran and prayed. The passenger went to the captain to ask the question.

Traveler: How far are we from the mainland?

Captain: Two miles …

Passenger: Only two miles, why are such zealous people doing such a noise. I can swim very easily.

Captain: ….. Uh ????

Passenger: Which Way Should I Swim?

Captain: Down ..

* There were some good things that came out of the Titanic sinking:

According to the news, the last survivor liked to say, "If you would not be willing to leave the ship, I would be a US."

* Applying in an office: The difference between this place and the Titanic … they have an orchestra!

* Lead consultant for staff member –

Consultant: Will lifeboats or lifeboats be confirmed?

Crewmember: Both, sir.

consultant. Excellent, we saved the board.

* I heard when the ship fell …

So this is not New York?

It's still better than carnival!

So the entire night buffet was gone?

How Much Can I Get on the Lifeboat?

Do not you mind if you keep your baby for a minute?

This is probably the last time I've got a cheap repositioning tour!

Ah, so this is the "cruise to nothingness".

We can not afford to stop for a long time. I have an airplane to New York.

Nobody is reading my tweets, but if the celebrities are taken on board, we will find this news!

Ooh, my wife fell in the sea. Take the lifeboat. I need to update my Facebook status.

Only one or two such jokes, then good weapons would be some easy humor after dinner after the ship. But imagine that one of the passengers of MS Explorer, Antarctica, had boarded a cruise ship in 2007. The 154 passengers and crew spent a lot of hours on the ice-skating jersey before the MS Nordnorge, a Norwegian boat accidentally cruised nearby. The shipwrecked passengers and staff have their spirits in the Titanic jokes about each other. So if you've ever fallen into this miserable situation, it's probably wise to remember more than just one or two people!

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