Bermuda Weather – Best and worst months to go

The average Bermuda weather attracts most tourists to the paradise of the island – not too hot, not too cold. Located just 600 miles east of North Carolina, Bermuda is the same seasons as the United States, but with much lighter seasonal changes.

As the winter months are the coldest in the United States, the coldest are in Bermuda. The exception that average winter is low is only 60 degrees

The sea temperature is average in the mid 60's and is too cold for swimming, the weather is still mild to many tourist attractions in Bermuda. Nothing is like a mild winter day to enjoy the cobbled streets of the historic St. George, visit the centuries-old temples or visit the working lighthouses. Bermuda Temperature

The average daily high temperature in the great 60s in January and mid March and in the 70s in April and May.

In the summer season there is a beautiful sunny weather, but the cool ocean-blowers and middle-aged peaks will not be facing until the mid-80s. While August is the hottest month and the favorite time for tourists to enjoy the clean beaches, it is still a pleasant 86 degrees. It's so hot to sunbathe, but not too hot to enjoy the freedom.

The July, July and August Bermuda weather offers popular months at a daily average of 84 and at 75 ° C. This is the most popular time for tourists to reach the beaches of Bermuda and enjoy snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving or simply sunbathing.

The average high temperature remains in the mid-1980s in September,

The sea temperature in July and September reaches the low 80s, so months are ideal for swimming and shore placement.

Bermuda Rain

every month gives or buys some. The full rainfall of the rain is May, which is the ideal month for Bermuda's famous golf courses.

The amount of rainfall is on average less than five inches per month throughout the year. It starts rising in June, and in October, the Caribbean hurricane peak reaches six inches high.

Fall back to the normal level in November.

The Bermuda weather makes it a pleasure to enjoy vacation all year round on the island. If you visit all depends on what your favorite Bermuda attractions are and what temperature they like. The average Bermuda weather is so mild, the choice is right for you.

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