Bed Bugs – Do not Bring Home When Traveling

Getting rid of bed bugs is a tough task. They are almost as flexible as a cockroach (as if there were not enough gross errors to think). I suggest that you pick up a professional pest control agent who knows how to get rid of household pests if you've been infected, but there are things you can do and need to make sure it's # 39; he does not follow home.

Do not Let It Go Home

Prevent faulty bed sickness in your home, avoiding bringing you home. Patients are cycling hikers. Luggage, clothes, clothes, and even your hair are traveling with you. At home, only a pregnant bed bug actually provides the breakout. This means that people who travel for business or entertainment are at high risk of bedbugging and sending home.

So let's talk about traveling. When you first arrive at your hotel, place your suitcases outside the room or on a desk, rack or shelf that holds the luggage. Do not put the bag on the floor, the bed, or on a sofa or chair until it's sure the room looks clean.

Check behind the headrest, turn the tabs, lift the mattress cover, and look at the mattress's seams. Not only the faults themselves, but also other defensive signs such as poop, rusty patches or blood spots, which you find to be a little bit small. If bedding in the hotel room does not look white, you probably have to ask for other rooms. If you find the signs of the pelvic floor, ask for another room.

Having determined that the room is clean, open your suitcase and remove the BugZip TM suitcase cover or other designed cover that you have previously purchased and put in your suitcase and close it. Avoid unpacking the clothes in the hotel drawer, but if necessary make it with BugZipTM drawer liner, so the garment is protected. When it's time to change your clothes. unpack, get what you want and pull it up again. Do not put dirty clothes on the floor either. When you leave the hotel room, we recommend that you leave the defenders of the packages.

Put each garment in unresponsive cleaning bags, so if you are home you can just open your case directly with the underlay. Whether remotely or not, wash it with hot water and put it in the dryer. If it is only dry cleaned, leave it in the sealed bag and immediately take the washing machine as soon as it can.

If you live in the cooler season of the year, this can be a cause for the winter celebration. Bed bugs are frozen, so if you are in winter, leave all your equipment for a few days. If you are in the summer and in the heat, the bed waves will die in the heat, so leave it for a few days in the car window and in the sun.

Do not forget your shoes. These pests do not look like rubbing alcohol, so put some spray bottle and spray the sneaker's shoes and anything else that does not harm the alcohol.

With these simple steps you can ensure that everything you return from your journey is whimsical and good memories.

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