Baby in a Car, 3 Tips for Travel Long Distance Baby

Long-term travel in a car with a baby? A baby's trip in a car is not easy, but it's terribly long after more than one hour. Here are three very good tips and ideas for how to make yourself, your car and baby for such a long journey.

  1. First of all, each journey is planned in advance. It's a good idea to have a map with the rest assured that you know exactly where and when to stop. You never know when your baby decides to cry, and it can be very stressful if you can not stop and calm the little one. There are plenty of rest areas with good facilities.
  2. The second tip to make your baby's travel easier is to organize your car so that every baby is essential to your approach. Imagine your baby crying, and you can not eat or rest it a bit to the next stop. In such a situation, drink a small glass of water or baby formula, baby care or damp washers to clean the baby's hand and face, baby food.
  3. The third peak, which worked very well for me to provide the baby with a variety of games for a few more minutes. When my one-month-old daughter started crying in a car, I tried to entertain all kinds of games. What worked best for me was very sparkling, colorful and crunchy games. I even have a small whistle, not loud, but enough to stop my daughter from crying. The baby likes to play with toys that bring a lot of noise. It is much easier to record the baby's attention with something loud, chubby or shiny. This will give you additional time to drive a few miles and find the right resting area.

Long distance travel does not have to be a nightmare. It's up to you to make your way, the car and the baby. There are some awesome solutions that can make long and pleasant trips for the whole family.

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