Aruba Travel Facts – Five Things to Know Before You Go

Aruba vacations are only two months away and you're planning your trip. While you are really looking forward to your trip, there are some unpleasant questions to ask for answers. Here are the most common questions that we get from our readers feedback;

first Can I use your mobile phone in Aruba? In almost all cases, the answer is yes. Aruba has a good mobile phone service on the island and the phone works in most places. Keep in mind that your mobile phone carrier may need your home country to allow your phone to use internationally. Here are a few key things to remember – your cell phone is anywhere outside of your home very expensive and Aruba is no different. If you have an adapter for your phone and want to check your emails, this is true. Be careful when calling your phone to Aruba. It is recommended that you turn off data delivery while you are in Aruba. You can check your emails from your computer in your room or in one of Aruba's online cafes. It will be significantly cheaper

2. Are my electrical appliances working in Aruba? If you arrive from North America, the answer is yes – Aruba uses US standard 110v 60Hz electrical services and stores. Travelers from Europe will need the right adapters for their devices, computers, etc. For him

3. Is it easy to circumvent Aruba? This of course depends on where you will be on the island, but the answer in most cases is yes – very simple. Aruba taxi service is very good – taxi drivers are polite and keep their cars very good. If you are in high-rise or low-rise hotel areas, you will find a shuttle service from the California Lighthouse to Oranjestad. The costs are very reasonable and the service is inaccurate. I'm glad you catch the bus after you've experienced fist.

4th Aruba is a crime? He has many Caribbean islands with heavy crime time, fortunately the crime in Aruba is minimal. Aruba's crime rate is low, partly due to the government's aspirations to provide basic services to all citizens. This does not mean you should not be careful – always be careful and sober on the island. Stay in the evening in areas outside the normal tourist areas. Do not leave alone on the beach while you are there – the beaches are open to everyone on the island, and unsupervised values ​​may not be safe.

5th What is the immigration and customs process when you visit Aruba? Except for key travel days to Aruba and Aruba is a very simple process. The airport is expanded and government-provided resources to minimize delays. When you arrive in Aruba you must first go to Immigration. There is a form that you need to complete before entering the country. The form is part of keeping and showing when you leave the country. After immigration, he takes up his luggage, after examining the bags, then going through customs. In most cases, we are happy to welcome and smile.

Now you have some basic knowledge to prepare for traveling to Aruba. Great country to visit and we're sure it will be a wonderful time!

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