Are you going to vacation? Some things to think about before you leave

Packing for your vacation can be a frustrating experience. You spend as many hours in lessons, drawer chests, and other storage areas where you are looking for all the right clothes. Then comes the fun part: Try packing everything in a suitcase while you are below the weight limit. You certainly do not want to get a surcharge after you arrive at the ticket counter.

With this mind bending practice, it is easy to ignore the very important steps that will make your vacation smoother, especially if you suffer loss. Here are some suggestions that should be considered before packaging the packages.

1. Take a rucksack. Talk about versatile luggage. Forget the little package that was tied to the main suitcase. The backpack has several storage compartments with a zipper and easy to store in the upper trays. It's best to slide it through its shoulder for easier transport.

2. Store value in the backpack during the flight. This keeps them, but it protects them. A 35mm SLR camera and a handheld transmitter (HT, ham radio) spotted the port on separate roads because I put them in the suitcase. Despite being wrapped in clothes, they were still stuck to break away. It's a very expensive learning experience.

3. Make a photocopy of your passport. Leave a copy of your home or a trusted friend. The others are in the safe. (If you do not have access to a safe, explore paperwork in blown clothes.) If you miss or steal your passport, the faster you can take a picture of the consulate or the embassy, ​​the faster you get a new passport. You should scan the correct tab and leave the file at home. The contact person can easily email the file if necessary.

4. Copy relevant medical records and prescription information.

5. Record the lost / stolen number of your credit card company. Enter the last eight digits of the card number for the quick reference. Keep a copy in your room and cover your suitcase. (Remember thieves are mostly interested in valuables and cash.)

6. Leave your contact information in your suitcase. Do not strictly hang the label provided by the airline or tour operator. They can break during the flight. Pack a couple of business cards in your luggage (like your backpack).

7. Buy a pencil. They are great for storing cash and documents, including your passport. They are affordable and available in many places.

Yes, packing vacations can be a lot of work, but it's worth it. Every moment you are planning on the standby, just add the convenience of relaxing on the beach or in the pool.

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