A trip to the United States – The most visited shopping malls

A vacation or trip to the United States is not complete without visiting the best places on earth. In addition to tours and sightseeing trips, tourists and visitors will surely buy souvenirs or gifts to go home on their way home. As the United States hosts many shopping and great locations, you can not afford to miss out on the special shops and shops you can choose from.

There are many popular and valuable visiting shops in the United States. This is the same with the different history and backgrounds where and when it started. Below are some of the best stores in the United States.

First, the list of popular Wal-Mart. It is a public company that handles the chain of large stores and often offers discounts. It is the world's largest public corporation in the 2008 Fortune Global 500.

Founded in 1962 alone by Sam Walton. Founded in 1969. is also the world's largest employer, privately owned and ranked fourth largest commercial or utility employer.

Wal-Mart is the largest grocery store in the United States. Consumables and retail food stores have 20 percent. It is also owned by one of the operating Same Clubs, a North American company.

Wal-Mart works as Walmex in Mexico. It is known in the United Kingdom as ASDA and Seiyu in Japan. Owned in Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Argentina. Wal-Mart's investments outside North America were geared towards varied outputs.

Wal-Mart's operations in China and South America are very successful. In South Korea and Germany they were forced to resign because of unsuccessful businesses. Many women's rights groups, community groups, trade unions and local organizations have been criticized for widespread procurement of foreign products.

Another recommended shop in the United States is Shopko. Retail chain in Wisconsin, especially in Ashwauben, right next to Green Bay and Bay Park Square. Shopko employs about 60,000 people. It is presently in the thirteenth state. Founded in 1962 in Green Bay, James Ruben. In December 2000, Sun Capital Partners joined and became affiliate. He was privately owned. Shopko produces approximately two-point, $ 2 billion in sales.

Shopko's first branch is located on Green Bay military avenue. Shopko decided to buy Pamida in ninety-nine and nine. The Pamida discount chain. Works locally, especially approx. Three to nine thousand people in smaller communities. Shopida Company is responsible for Pamida's operation, two-thirds, with its own separate department.

Last but not least Pamida. It is a chain of stores, located in more than 200 places in sixteen Central and Central American states. They are usually found in small communities with a population between three thousand and eight thousand. Pamida is the name of the co-founder, Jim Witherspoon. His son's name is Pat, Mike and the youngest David.

These stores are all highly recommended as one of the most complete stocks. It's a one-time shopping trip with them.

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