A Holiday Rep

The required qualifications depend on what position you are looking for. As mentioned earlier, the situation of children's flying is such that often requires special qualifications. Most repeaters must be at least 18, and in some positions 21 must be. The status of the holiday journal is usually not necessary.

However, good GCSE / A-level qualifications or any qualifications for Travel and Tourism will always help your chances of success. In addition, all customer service experience is a valuable tool to demonstrate the key skill of the recruitment team. It can even be done part-time while giving full-time education or day-to-day work. There is no need to speak another language (though it will help if you do that, make sure you mention it).


Your Responsibility to Consistently Offer Excellent Service – Recognize All Customers as a Person

– Be a Local Expert by Up-to-Date Related Data for Nearby Areas

– Get feedback on after a corporate trip.

– Practically handle all customer issues and, if necessary, seek guidance from Resort Team Manager / Leader.

– Ensure that customer communication is in accordance with the company's policies.

– Health and safety checks and reporting concerns for the Resort Team Manager.

– Sign back with your team leader for the proposed enhancements. This is key to improving the service offered to customers.

– We must ensure that any questions regarding customer satisfaction are addressed to the Resort Team Manager

– In cooperation with the suppliers, we celebrate a holiday to enhance our customers.

– Be responsible for customers booking a hotel to ensure the correct room types and extras at the time of booking.

– Welcome Meetings / Sales Efforts

– Provide targeted holiday information while ensuring that customers are informed of available excursions.

– It must achieve sales goals through sales, car rentals, phone cards and other new products and services introduced by the company.

– Decide which products to sell to maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

– A complete understanding of all products and services that they sell to their customers.

– It is recommended to improve the company's excursions based on customer feedback

– It directs its customers to the excursions / trips they sell

– Collecting and Settling Foreign Money Complete Paperwork

is the safekeeping and accounting of all the money collected [19659002] – Complete Forms and Reports

– Observe administrative deadlines

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