7 Important Travel Tips for Americans in Ireland

We moved to Ireland, five to many years ago we welcomed many people to our Kinsale self-catering apartment. The ease (or not) of how they fit into the differences they find is a fun source, reminding us of our own memory of the inconveniences when we first re-invented our lives. The following five lists are to be considered in the hope of traveling to Ireland and making it easier to stay in Kinsale.

Water is not necessarily hot on demand – ask how it works, wherever it is, though hotels will be as big as anywhere in the developed world. For example, in our flat there is a reminder switch on top of the stairs that refills and raises the tank so you can get a hot bath or shower when you are ready for your rest.

Electricity follows the model used by the United Kingdom, which, of course, is meaningful as the Republic of Ireland became part of the United Kingdom until 1922.

Be aware of the on / off switches on the floppy disks If the connected device does not work, probably because the switch is off the wall. It is a good idea to leave the space to switch off these switches again, especially on heating units.

Check the voltage before inserting individual elements from the United States . Although electronics such as computers and phones, iPods, and mp3 players will probably be okay and a 110-240V label will appear. Anything that does not qualify as 240, however, requires small or large step transformers while some minor versions are sold before leaving the US

The front door handles are not the buttons but the arms In order to replace the door with arms instead of lifting a circular ball at first, this can slide the locking mechanism and allow the key to turn completely closed the door. Let's get out of our house and ask the neighbors before they figure out this trick.

Garda (police) is helpfully helpful (19459004). Provided you do not have a criminal intent, you will find that Gardai (mostly Garda, which is Irish for the police) is useful to travelers. There is a Garda station behind the self catering Kinsale lodge and we were asked to ask them to help us when someone parked so close to this parking lot that we could not get out. It took a while to move forward and back, but eventually he was on the road again. If you feel lost in any time during your stay in this country, do not hesitate to ask directions at Garda Station.

If the path curves, follow the lines in the middle. Where elsewhere there is a way to go straight in Ireland, this is rarely the case. Therefore, if the instructions remain (for example) on the R600, you will stay in the middle of the road next to the white line, regardless of how it changes or how other roads come off, which seems like a straightforward route.

Do not wait for badges exactly. Roads are marked by Ireland and have evolved over the years. That is why there are distances in miles and miles in kilometers. Some may also show a longer journey and the visitor (such as Old Head) finds that the first road marker will say 5 km for the next 7 km. Also, you see your destination once, just to skip the next three road signs to show up again later. Since travel in Ireland is largely based on historical memory and not on road signs, it is difficult to notice the instructions given by others. Be sure to ask the distance between the time and place between the placemarks and wait for it to be a bit longer than you think and you should be ok. It is time for many to renounce it, surely we have surpassed our mark.

These seven tips need to get in good shape when we travel in our home. Please be sure to comment on our website to tell us the cases that you need to add to the second version of our post. Keep in mind that your anxiety may be helpful as it can help other travelers find their way more easily.

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