7 Essential Travel Gadgets for Modern Travelers

Portable Speaker
The Mini Jambox is small enough to fit into your pocket and is so light that you will not notice it. Ideal for portable loudspeakers, this thing contains more than most stationary sound systems. $ 179; jawbone.com

Mini Iron
Because you're an elegant man, you have to wear iron. Steam Bug Travel Iron will increase within 15 seconds and leave the shirts without wrinkles. Never go straight from the airport to a wrinkled shirt. Use this iron in the airport bathroom if needed. $ 35; brookstone.com

Universal Adapter
The Tumi Ultra Slim Universal Power Adapter is compatible with any mobile phone, laptop, or MP3 player. your electronics are switched off without the cables being transported. $ 195; tumi.com

Baggage Scale
Bag measurement and measurement before getting to the airport can save you a lot of frustration and money. Lightweight and portable, the Kikkerland Travel Luggage Scale ensures that your travel bag meets the requirements of airlines. $ 10; kikkerland.com

Ear Pads
High quality sound in headphones that can not be beat easily. Urbeats are available in 8 colors or you can buy them to suit your clothes. Never sacrifice the sound for style. These ultra-light ear pads are a knot and damp. $ 99.95; beatsbydre.com

Travel Clock
Two inches in diameter, the Swiss Army Travel Alarm 1884 Limited Edition fits almost anywhere and is protected by a stainless steel case on a crisp road. $ 550; swissarmy.com

Baggage Tracker
GlobaTrac, LLC has just launched an awesome, innovative new product to track lost luggage. Trakd is a 3 "2" tool that you dump into your bag before you enter. When you are flying, you know Trakd and you will sleep until you arrive when you're in an embedded radio receiver for your new location. Depending on the preferences set up, we will send you a text message or e-mail confirming that your package has arrived with you. The Trakd will alert you where the bag is in a 30-meter radius that is less accurate than GPS. However, Trakd is cheaper than a GPS and runs on a few AA batteries for a month. To use Trakdot, you first need to purchase the device, then charge $ 21.98 for activation and a one-year service plan. $ 59.99; trakdot.com

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