6 Questions to ask a travel agent before you book a trip

Travel agencies are an indispensable resource for planning complex trips, finding destinations, saving time, preventing travel headaches and achieving the best value. However, every agent is different. Make sure the travel agency is right for you to explore these issues.

first What is the brokerage specialty?

An agent specializing in a sprawling destination or certain products, such as cruising, can provide solid advice that can be key to the rewarding, trouble-free journey.

Is the agent specializing in adventure tours or culinary journeys? Do you often write groups? Is the agent cruise expert? You will not go to the thyroid gland to treat toothache. The same concept applies to travel agencies. If traveling on a Caribbean road, work with a Caribbean travel specialist.

2. Did the agent travel to his destination?

Knowledge from the first hand can not be replaced. An agent who has actually traveled to the place you want to go to will first know about the activities you want to attend and the hotels you want to stay in. An agent who has come to the destination can make informed decisions that he or she can guide you in the right direction. Agent Charges

Agents can charge a fee for each service, such as a flight, a flat fee or a commission. He is looking forward to compensating the agent for his time, advice, design expertise and work. Still, it's a good idea to find out about prizes and deposits so there is no surprise.

4th Does the agent have special relationships with travel agents?

Travel agents often get benefits that are not available to the public or can not be published on the Internet. Hotels, car rental agencies and tour operators often offer benefits such as upgrades, discounted parking and express check-ups that are only for agents who have negotiated with them or with elite status agents. Find out if your agent is one of them.

5th What happens if something goes wrong?

Inconsistencies are sometimes inevitable. The flight may be canceled; the weather can not work together. Find out how your agent responds to problems when they occur and what their policies are. You should also pay attention to how the agent works with you. Easy to reach? Will the agent immediately get back to you if you send a call or e-mail? The agent must be there after the trip.

6th What are the questions for the agent?

Make sure your travel agency provides you with the right information to make the best recommendations. Choose an agent who accepts your priorities.

Even if you're looking for a simple question like a four-day trip to Rome, you have to ask more questions about whether you want fine restaurants or street vendors to choose the types of hotels you love the most. Finally, we offer you a trip that is the best match for you.

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