5 tips for traveling to Canada

Canada is a good holiday destination with beautiful views, wildlife, beautiful winding roads and cosmopolitan cities. Even if you travel to Canada regularly, send these five travel tips to Canada.

first Tip: Bring a Good Travel Guide to Canada

When traveling to another location, it's important to take good travel guides. Canada is no exception. You can print a guide on the line or purchase a well-known travel book for Canada, for example, Lonely Planet.

A good travel guide provides an insight into where to stay, buy, eat, and drive. In addition, there are many tips to make things fun, good nightlife, and the whole family entertaining. Invest in a good travel guide to Canada and you will not regret it.

Tip # 2: Think of the Climate

Before packing your trip to Canada, do not forget to consider the weather. If you go to the Maritime Region, do not forget to be more relaxed than the western provinces. In Halifax, Nova Scotia, moderate weather is expected in the summer around freezing in the winter.

If you are traveling to Canada and are in mountainous areas, you may expect to see a variety of temperature changes. Stratification is useful in these regions. Conversely, Vancouver and Victoria areas are much more moderate and often do not see freezing temperatures.

3rd hint: plan for crossing the border

In recent years, travel to Canada has become more complicated as new restrictions on border crossing have been imposed. Documentation requirements for traveling to Canada are constantly changing, so it is important that we begin to leave these requirements.

The latest information about traveling from Canada to USA is available on the US Department of State website.

4th Advice: Understand the Currency

One of the most important travel tips in Canada is to understand the currency before you leave. Canadian dollars are used in Canada, though many border posts accept US dollars. Travel checks on Canadian dollars should be complicated because they are accepted almost everywhere.

Currency and travel checks are the best rate for Canadian banks. There are several ATMs in Canada.

4th Tip: Do not Forget Sales Tax

Like the United States, the Canadian government has a turnover for goods and services. Do not forget this tax when you travel to Canada.

The amount of sales tax depends on the domain. The current tax rates for the provinces are as follows:

* No sales tax in Alberta, Nunavut, Northwest Territories or Yukon

* 5% sales tax in Saskatchewan

* 7% British Columbia

* 7% VAT

* 8% Sales Tax Ontario

* 10% Sales Tax on Prince Edward Island

* 13% Harmonized Sales Tax New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia

Tip # 5: Tips for Blackmailing

Another important tip on the Canadian Travel Guide [http://www.travel-guide-canada.ca]. Tips are usually not included in restaurant accounts. The usual practice is 12% -15% of good service.

In Canada and for travel guides for bus drivers, each of the acceptable tips is $ 1 to $ 2 per person per person.

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