5 Reasons to Rent Villa in Northern Cyprus for your next vacation

Northern Cyprus is a fantastic place for vacation and has so many attractions:

1. Wonderful Beaches

In northern Cyprus there are the most beautiful beaches, both abandoned and lively, there are the best diving in the world and fabulous boat excursions abandoned by the harbor. It has four cycling safari and is best suited for the Para summit at the top of the mountains.

Water sports are available on some beaches, Escape Beach or Deniz Kizi Beach, about 5 miles west of Kyrenia, where the Royal Yacht Club is recognized by Dolphin Sailing
offering a wide selection of water sports tuition and supervision .

2nd Fantastic Cuisine

Cypriot cooking is like its people, unique. Probably the most famous Cyprus culinary foods hellim cheese is this full-fat soft cheese
of whole goat's milk, salt and a little mint. Served with salads, melons or cucumbers. This is also an excellent side dish and baked or grated (19459005).

Another in North Cuprus is a green leafy vegetable growing only in Cyprus and on the banks of the Nile. Usually
is made with chicken or meat, and tasty and healthy.

There are two types of unique kebabs in Northern Cyprus, and both are found in most restaurants. One of the caviar (lamb or goat) packed with foil, potatoes and herbs, and cooked for hours in a clay oven. The other is a sheftali kebab which is a small spicy and sausage. They are traditionally
raw and cooked with hot coal.

Northern Cyprus offers plenty of restaurants and bars, with typical Cypriot and English dishes to all over the world. The restaurants differ from 19459006 quality from the wonderful five-star restaurants to good-value restaurants and cafes.

Good bars and pubs are everywhere in Northern Cyprus. In Kyrenia, especially near the harbor, where there are many quality bars, you can sit in the beautiful climate and surroundings. There are also a lot of English-style pubs run by ex pats throughout northern Cyprus.

3rd Amazing sightseeing

There are many interesting places to visit Kyrenia city and harbor in the magnificent Belapais village and abbey (A Must see) with stunning views of St Hilarion Castle the magnificent town of Salamis stunning ruins.

Why not visit abandoned beaches on the Karpas Peninsula (19459004) (the Pan Handle) and call the ancient town of Famagusta with its hinterland and old town.

You must see the ghost town (the original Famagusta resort that has been deserted for more than 30 years and the UN Buffa zone between the north and south of the island) has a great view of the desert town of Palm Beach, which is open to tourists.

4th Ideal Climate

If there were tomatoes on the ground, it would be in Cyprus. Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate with a sunny season – on average over 300 days and the sea temperature is one of the hottest in the world.

Summer is a high-temperature, blue cloudless sky, but sea breeze creates a pleasant atmosphere in coastal areas.

In the spring and fall, daytime temperatures are still warm enough for light summer clothing and only a light jacket or sweater is needed in the evenings.

Winter with mild rain, but in January, even in the coolest month of the day, there are six sunny sunshine during the day.

5th Cozy Accommodation

Cyprus is one of the most reliable places in the world and there will never be a problem with accommodation because there are many hotels, villas, hotels, guesthouses, hostels and campsites. Very popular accommodation in Cyprus holiday rental villas. You can choose from any one of the affordable
luxury villas, and you may choose to have furniture, equipment, a swimming pool and a garden, or can be located in the center of cultural life near the beach or the mountains.

Cyprus is a really impressive place to visit and we have seen that it will once again dream of returning again and again, and every visit will be unique because Cyprus needs to show too much.

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