5 arguments for visiting the Netherlands

The Dutch is also known as Netherlands's colorful tulip fields, windmills and a huge beauty country, and is therefore one of the most important destinations in Europe. Here are five reasons to visit Holland.

first Amsterdam

The Dutch capital offers many things. In addition to the historic Canal of Amsterdam, which has received the reputation of northern Venice, Amsterdam is full of architectural wonders. These include the magnificent royal palace, the royal palace, the Begijnhof and the religious buildings such as Oude Kerk, the Buddhist Temple Fo Guang Shan, the Portuguese Synagogue and the El Tawheed Mosque. There are a number of parks and gardens, such as the Vondelpark, the Hortus Botanicus and the Butterfly Pavilion, while the Bol House offers a unique experience for cocktails and the Heineken brewery provides a glimpse into the country's brewery history.

Amsterdam is also notorious in the red light district of De Wallen, where prostitution is lawful, as sexy shops and theaters are abundant and where cafes sell various cannabis products

. Museums

However, Amsterdam's main attractions are museums, especially art museums. The most popular is the Rijksmuseum, which includes the widest collection of Dutch masters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer. Rembrandt's works can be found in the Rembrandt House Museum, Van Gogh's paintings are in the Van Gogh Museum, and modern art exhibitions can be seen in the Stedelijk Museum.

In addition to the Anne Frank House Art Museum, it is also a popular attraction that focuses on the life of Anne Frank and the Jewish persecution. The NEMO Science Museum, the Bijbels Museum, the Kattenkabinet, the Amsterdam Dungeon and the Diamond Museum are equally interesting.

3rd Windmills

After filling in Amsterdam, it is time to taste the romantic and relaxing atmosphere of the countryside, especially in the windmill area. In fact, windmills are the symbol of the Netherlands, so do not miss the chance that Kinderdijk is part of eleven world heritage or try to enter one of them to learn more about milling. There are eleven windmills in the Schermer region, one of which is covered in a mill museum and you can find more in Zaanse Schans or Aalsmeer

. Flowers

The Netherlands also coincides with flowers, especially tulips, although hyacinths and daffodils have light bulbs. The best tulips in the Keukenhof are located beside Lisse and count as the world's largest flower garden and the "Garden of Europe". The world's largest florist is located in the Netherlands, particularly in Aalsmeer, while Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam is the world's only flowering flower market. The floral festivals are held at different times throughout the year, while Floriade, the largest international flower exhibition, is held every ten years.

5th Buy

Finally, do not leave the Netherlands without a purchase. There are plenty of shopping malls and fashion stores in the country, especially in Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague, where shops are open until midnight and get the big discounts on the last Thursday of June. Do not forget to buy traditional souvenirs, such as wood chips, Delftware pottery and cheeses such as Gouda and Edam.

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