11 things to ask for your vacation before arrival

You have already booked your vacation at your favorite destination. All is well. They pay for everything, and all you have to do is pack up, get into the car and go. But before the door goes out, there are things you've forgotten to ask the holidaymaker when they've seized their property. Most of these things you do not think about when booking a trip, but can turn out to be a nightmare, if not known before time. These are the questions you need to ask after you've been caught, but before you go to the road.

first Do I need bedding? This is very important. Towels and bed linen are included in the bed. If you want to stay in a hotel, you will get these items and wash away a daily washing service. This is not always the case with the holiday rental. In many cases tenants are obliged to wear these items. Imagine that there is no towel after drying the shower.

2nd Special rules for the community? Many of the features you will encounter are part of an association. Most organizations have rules and rules that need to be known. For example, a community may require that you wear a wrist strap, for example, to use the pool. You should know this information before you begin your journey.

3rd In case of emergency notification. It's not a brain. Who is calling me if there is a problem with the house? What if the faucet is leaking on the water with water? What if the toilet is overflowing? Make sure you have all the cell phone numbers and procedures for the property manager in case of any household emergency.

4th How do I get the keys? This may disturb your arrival if you do not settle before you leave. Do you pick up the keys in a clerical office, such as an agent? What hours are open? If this is the case, make sure you know the operating hours and the rental office.

5th Where do I park? How many cars can you park? This can be a problem if your party travels in more than one vehicle. If there is only one parking space you need to know where to go for more cars.

6th Learn about the nearest emergency center or hospital You probably think, 911 I call if I get injured. But do not forget that there is not a 911 service everywhere and think about how much it will cost the life-jacket. Knowing the nearest hospital can also save you time, as you do not have to cross over the cell phone to find it.

7th What if I can go early? What if he leaves before the checkout time is up to us? Are you leaving the keys in the house or slain them in the rental office? What if the office is locked?

8th What kind of destinations should I wear? For example, surfboards can be rented on the beach.

ninth Where's the garbage? What day is the garbage? The owner must provide garbage and recycling.

10th Any other house question related to holiday rental, such as "Should I put furnace in the hot tub?"

eleventh Network credentials for wireless networking. If your vacation has wireless internet access, make sure you know how to get there before you go. Try to figure out how to do this while vacationing is a waste of valuable vacation.

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