10 Things Every RV Camper needs

Below is a list of all the campsite presentations items. We recommend them to our friends and their customers, trust them with our families, and we are confident that we will trust it. Everything here is available in our store or online and can be delivered to your home.

first Chempace drip toilet chemicals

Toilet chemical materials are the most important elements of the camping filling system. Make sure the drops are easy to use. They are cheaper than pre-mixed fluids and are easier to store because they do not freeze in winter. Arm yourself up with these – you will need them.

2nd The Thethford Aquasoft toilet paper

Only toilet paper designed for RV black water systems should be used in the trailer. Prevent clogging and avoid the inconvenience of time-consuming tank cleaning when the kids complain about the smell of the cleaning station from the temperature onwards

. Valterra EZ Connector Channel Hose Kit

Do not get a good quality channel without a hose. The EZ connector kit includes fittings and drainage assembly and can be easily converted from a 10 "and 20" hose, depending on which one you need. 18 milliliters of vinyl, providing long-lasting protection against leaks and holes.

4th Valterra Water Pressure Regulator

All RV manufacturers recommend using a water flow regulator to protect RV plumbing fittings. It keeps water between 40-55 psi. and stops the water jets from the camp sites (do not use the decorative plumbing) by damaging any waterline in the trailer. A leak inside the trailer and it pays for itself.

5th Iosso is water repellent

Camping is entertaining, but humidification is not. It works on any material that is exposed to the elements. Use it on tent campers, tents, boat covers, luggage bags, trailers, whatever you want to protect.

6th Dicor flat sealing material (roof damping)

The most expensive repair bill you can ever put on your caravan will be when the roof is leaking and doing nothing about it. This is the only seal you need to use on your tire on your vehicle. It is designed to lift itself to level and fill the gaps in its application with good gasket. Trailer manufacturers are advised to check the roof every three months.

7th Black Streak Remover from the best

Remove these nasty black streaks from your home car easily, keep your RV show room clean for years. Especially useful when the family pulls a $ 500,000 motorcycle in the next batch.

8th Replace Anode Rod with Camco

Especially for suburban water heaters, this is one of the most sought after repair parts. When draining the water from the boiler, check the anode rod and replace if necessary. Protect the boiler from corrosion and avoid costly repairs on the line

. Mud Dauber insects from JCJ Enterprises

Insects are gravitated to places that are as sad as propane. This means that the furnace exhaust, the water heater fan, and the ventilation opening of the fridge are likely to place the moss in the mud and other insects to nest. Protect yourself from accidental fire and exhaust ventilation problems with these easy-to-install screens.

10th 7-4 wire adapter from Hopkins

If it's okay, everyone in your family will find out, and you want them to catch something. If you want to tow a smaller or older trailer, this adapter converts a round 7-way connector to most new vehicles, a 4-wire flat connector that is common among smaller campers and road trailers. Make sure you have one in the toolbox so you can not spare the simple job finding the right fit location.

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